How do I add a Z-Trap or Sentinel to a field?

This process will allow you to add either a Spensa Z-Trap or Sentinel device to a field in your account.

1.  To add a trap, select a field from the Grower sidebar.  
2.  Select Traps from the tool bar.  
3.  Click on the Add  Z-Trap button in the sidebar  

4.  Choose the Z-Trap or Sentinel you want to deploy from the Available serial numbers and click the Select button

Devices that are already deployed will show under the Already Assigned heading




4b.   If you wish to re-deploy a trap that is already on a field, you can choose the serial number from the Already Assigned list and click Select.

The Spensa AP system will warn you that the device is already deployed and all future trap count communications will be associated with this new device instance. 


5. Update the trap information as appropriate

You can specify the insect that you are trapping via the drop down selector (default is ASB).


You have now successfully added a Z-Trap or Sentinel to the field.  The next trap you place will remember the previous trap's pest, so you can add all of your codling moth traps at once without having to select CM each time you add a new trap.

The trap information is saved as you go in the web app.


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