How do I create a new field?

Before you can create a Field, you need to Create a Grower.

1.  Click on the New Field button underneath the Grower you wish to add a field.  

2.  The new field tool will walk you through the three ways to create a field:

a.  Uploading a shapefile.

b.  Drawing a boundary on the map.

c.  Utilizing Common Land Units (United States only).

You can also navigate to a particular location by typing in the full or partial address into the Search box.

2a.  To upload a shapefile, click the Choose File button and then navigate to the location of the shapefile on your computer.  Select the file and then click Open.  If the system can read the file, you will then be prompted to name your field.


If you run into any issues uploading a shapefile, please contact us at


If you need assistance uploading a considerable number of shapefiles, please contact us at to discuss import options.

2b.  To draw a field boundary, click the Start Drawing button to activate the drawing tool.  Create your field boundary by clicking on the map to leave points on the field.  To close the boundary, click on your first point.  You will then be prompted to name your field.  

2c.  To create the field using Common Land Units, zoom into the map until the Loading Boundaries notice appears underneath the Click a field boundary icon.  Once the CLUs are loaded, you can click on any one of them to create a field with this shape.


At this time, you cannot combine multiple CLUs into an individual field.



3.  After the field boundary is created, you will be prompted to enter in the Field Details.

Add a Field Name, Farm, and Crop.  Once you are done entering in the Field's information, click the Create Field.


4.  Once the Field is created, you will see it on the map and be presented with the ability to review information about the field.


You are now ready to start scouting this field.



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