How do I add a new trap to a field?

1.  Navigate to the field you want to add a trap to  
2.  Select Traps from the tool bar  
3.  Click on the Add Trap button in the sidebar  

4.  Click and drag the location icon to place the trap in the correct location. The coordinates will be displayed to help provide exact locations.

Once it is placed in the correct location, click the Save button. 



5. Update the trap information as appropriate

You can give your trap a special name (e.g. Block 5-1) in the field labeled new trap

You can specify the insect that you are trapping via the drop down selector (default is ASB)


You have now successfully added a trap to the field.  The next trap you place will remember the previous trap's pest, so you can add all of your navel orange worm at once without having to select NOW each time you add a new trap.

The trap information is saved as you go in the web app.

Here is an animation of How do I add a new trap to a field?

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