Will I have to change out the battery?

No. In most cases the Sentinel and Z-Trap batteries will last the entire season.  

Under common monitoring conditions we expect a fully charged Sentinel and Z-Trap batteries to last approximately six to eight months. In most cases, you should only need to charge the batteries at the beginning of the season.

The exact length of time varies trap to trap and is based on the monitoring schedule and the quality of the cellular communication.


If recharging does become necessary, you can connect the Sentinel or Z-Trap to the provided DC adapter for approximately 24 hours and the trap will be ready to operate again.


The Sentinel and Z-Trap batteries are integrated and cannot be replaced by the end-user. If service is needed, please contact us for support:

E-mail support@spensatech.com
Phone 765-588-3592
Ticket ZenDesk
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