Precision Dispatches

Spensa's Precision Dispatches allows you to direct scouts to investigate a suspected problem in the field.  This guide walks you through an overview of the feature's core functionality.


Search Area

  • Search by growers, farms, and fields
  • Filter by current growth stages under your account
  • Filter by current crops associated with your fields
  • Filter by current hybrids/varieties associated with your fields
  • Filter by fields without a scouting trip since a particular date
  • Sort the field list by the likelihood of corn foliar disease

Grower, Farm, Field List

  • By default, your fields will be grouped by Grower, displaying each item as Farm - Field.
  • You will also see the current growth stage and acreage of the field
  • This list will reflect the searches and filters you currently have applied

Dispatch Schedule


  • Time Scaled and Expanded allows you to change how the current assignments are displayed.
    • Under Time Scaled, each field will be displayed in proportion to the time it will take to scout.
    • Expanded allows you to read the entire Grower, Farm, Field Name without having to hover with your mouse. 
  • The days of the week span the top of the scheduler, with the selected day in dark grey.  You can select a new day by clicking on the date.
  • For the current Area selected, each scout will be listed as a row with a unique color.
  • Under each scout, the day's total assigned acreage will be displayed underneath their name.
  • You can drag and drop the schedule around to fit any order you wish
  • If you need to reschedule any incomplete dispatches to a new day, click on the Reschedule X incomplete dispatches for Y (date) and then click the GO button



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