How do I charge charge the Z-Trap One battery?

You may be notified through Spensa AP or via Spensa's Customer Support Team that a Z-Trap is in need of a recharge.  Please follow the directions below to successfully charge your Z-Trap's battery.

Retrieve your Z-Trap from the field and plug in the charger into the Z-Trap charge port. The LED will light red to indicate the unit is charging, and change to green to indicate that the unit is fully charged. After charging, close the charge port cover securely.


Before you return to the field with your fully charged Z-Trap, this is a good time to check your Z-Trap's communication functionality and your lure's life (changing if appropriate).

Turn the trap on by pressing the power button for three seconds. The LED will light up when the trap is on.

Verify the signal strength by watching the trap’s LEDs. The green LEDs will chase back and forth while the trap tries to reach Spensa AP.  When it connects, you will see one, two, or three bars lit to indicate signal strength.  After it has fully communicated with Spensa AP, the LEDs will turn off.  The trap is working as expected.  If signal strength is not indicated or LEDs have not turned off, please contact Spensa Customer Support@ 765.588.3592 or by email @ for further assistance.

Once you have verified the Z-Trap is communicating properly, you are ready to redeploy the Z-Trap in the field.  Turn off the Z-Trap by pressing and holding the power button and then repeat the deployment process you utilized earlier in the season.

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