How do I create a field in the iOS app?

We have now added the ability to add fields via the iOS app.  You will need to be online with an active Internet connection for this feature to work.

1.  Click on the + Add a Field button from the Grower list under the Scouting and Trapping view from the menu

2.  Fill out as much of the information as you can for the new field.

To add new information, click the pencil icon next to each field to edit

3.  When you are ready to create the field boundary, click the pencil icon for Boundary/Area

You will have two options to create a new field, Quick Create and Start Recording


4.  After clicking the Quick Create button, you will receive the notification that a 50 acre field will be created around your current GPS location.

You can edit this later via the web app

5.  After creating the field boundary, you will see 50.00 acres listed under the Boundary/Area section

Once you are ready, click the Save button and the new field will be created with the information you specified

6.  Once the Field is done saving, you will land on the field, ready to start scouting or trapping
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