How do I add a new season to my Spensa AP account?

When a new season is about to begin, you can initiate one in Spensa AP by following the steps below.

1.  Click on the Season tool from Account->Seasons

There are three steps to the Seasons tool:  Source/Destination, Data Types, and Fields.

2.  Select the Source Season (From) and the Destination Season (To).


If the season does not currently exist, click the + Season button to create one.

By default the start and end date match the calendar year.

3.  Select the types of data you would like to migrate over to the new Season.

4.  Select the Fields you would like to include in this season migration.

You can also search for by Grower, Farm, or Field name. 

5.  Once you have confirmed everything is setup the way you want it, click the Migrate button in the lower right (near the Help button).
6.  Spensa AP will confirm your settings, asking you to click Yes to proceed or No to cancel.

7.  Spensa AP will confirm that the migration was successful.

In order to see the changes, you will need to reload your page.

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