How do I add a new season to my Spensa AP account?

When a new season is about to begin, you can initiate one in Spensa AP by following the steps below.

1.  Click on the Season/Year selector in the top right of the OpenScout application.

A drop down will appear

Click the +2017 option
2.  The New Season wizard will open, allowing you to select which fields you would like to include in the next season, along with any traps you would like to copy over to the next season.
3.  Once you select a trap, it will be highlighted in a darker green.
4.  Once you select a field, you can also decide if you want to migrate the traps associated with the field.
5.  Once you have selected the fields you want to migrate to the new season, click the Save button.
6.  After you click Save, the system will process the migration and then refresh the page.
7.  Once the refresh is complete, you will now have your new season available in OpenScout.
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