How do I create a new Precision Dispatch?

Select the Field you would like to create Dispatches on
 Click on Dispatches
Click on + Add a new dispatch

You have several options to choose from while creating a new Precision Dispatch:


  • Date:  Is there a specific date you want to assign for this PD?
  • Problem:  Is there a specific problem you want the scout to look for?
  • Location:  Is there a specific location in the field you want the scout to examine
  • Scout:  Is there a specific Scout you want to assign this PD to?
Once all of the data is filled out, click the Save button to record your PD   
You will see the Precision Dispatches in the sidebar   

Your scouts will need to pull-to-refresh their OpenScout apps to download the latest Precision Dispatches for their account.

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