New/Edit Field Panel

Field Information Tools

Field Name The title of the field

Spensa AP organizes field information with an:

  • Area
    • Grower
      • Farm
        • Field
Crop The crop for the currently selected field
Hybrids/Varieties A free-form field that allows you to record which hybrids and varieties are associated with this field.
Planting Date The planting date for the field.  This date will be used to calculate growth stage if applicable.
Notes General notes for the field
Delete Remove the current field and all of its associated data (scouting trips, traps, field records, etc.) from the current select season
Cancel Cancel any pending changes to this field
Save Save pending changes to this field

GIS Tools

Add to boundary Create another shape, adding it to the existing boundary
Cut out from boundary Create another shape, removing it from the existing boundary
Edit boundary outlines Drag points of the current boundary to create new shapes
Remove pieces Remove shapes from the current boundary
Toggle CLU outlines Utilize Common Land Units to create a field boundary
Upload a shapefile Upload a shapefile to overwrite the current field boundary shapes
Start Over Clear all existing field boundaries
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