Account Info


First name

First name of the user
Last name Last name of the user
E-mail This is the account's username as well
Phone type The type of phone number entered for this account

User Type

This drop-down allows you to choose what type of User Account this is in your system.

Access Level

This drop-down allows you to choose what access level you want to grant to the selected user.  You have three options:

Full View and change data and settings for growers assigned below

Scouting & trapping for growers assigned below

Android scouting doesn't support Basic — will act as Read Only

Read-only View growers assigned below, but not make changes.  Commonly referred to as a Grower account.  Users with Read Only cannot modify any information in the system, but can interact with all of its functionality.


This list contains all of the Growers under your account.  You can give a user access to specific Growers here by checking off which ones you want them to have access to.

When all of your changes are complete, click Save.


Administrator Rights Super user for the account.  Someone with Administrator Rights can create new accounts, see all Growers, and update all information.


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