How do I setup a Scheduled Report?

Scheduled Reports are sent around 2am EST based on the data that is currently synced with the Spensa AP. At this time, you cannot customize the Scheduled Report send time.

1.  Click on the Reports tab  
2.  Click on the Scheduled tab  
3.  Click on + Schedule New Report  
4.  Enter in the e-mail address(es) you would like for this Scheduled Report to be sent to

5.  Select the Fields you want to monitor for new activity by clicking on the Field from the Unselected Fields column

Selected Fields will now show under the Selected Fields column


6.  Select the days of the week you want to monitor for new activity.

You can select one day or all seven to monitor for activity.

If you need to pause a scheduled report, check the Pause Schedule button, making sure you submit the new changes. 

7.  Enter an optional Report Name/Subject Line for this Scheduled Report   
8.  You can select the options to include in each scheduled report via the Email Report Options
9.  Once you have entered in all of the information for this Scheduled Report, click the Submit Schedule button
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